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About us

By managing legal risks, we help you to focus on running your business. We act quickly and provide all the needed information. We offer practical solutions.

  1. We provide services:
  • to companies all over Poland and abroad;
  • we mainly provide our services remotely;
  • in the full scope resulting from the conducted business activity.
  1. We prefer permanent cooperation based on monthly billing.
By knowing our clients and their needs, we can offer the best solutions and guarantee service priority. We handle side issues and matters commissioned by companies that are not yet our clients, as far as our deadlines allow, based on hourly rates.
  1. Professional secrecy is always strictly respected.
  2. We have implemented a high level of IT security to protect our clients.

By managing legal risks, we help you to focus on running your business. We act quickly and provide all the needed information. We offer practical solutions










Patrycja Bagińska

Legal counselor

e-mail: pb@zpartners.eu

Roksana pokusińska

Trainee attorney-at-law

e-mail: rp@zpartners.eu

Zuzanna Groń

Trainee attorney-at-law

e-mail: zg@zpartners.eu

Anna Marcol

Trainee attorney-at-law

e-mail: am@zpartners.eu

Krzysztof Brańka

Trainee attorney-at-law

e-mail: kb@zpartners.eu

Aleksandra Drwal

Office Manager

e-mail: tg@zpartners.eu


ul. Wasilewskiego 20/9

30-305 Kraków

NIP: 6793058864



Risk analysis – tactics – representation

We represent clients in court and arbitration proceedings, in all types of cases and at all instances. We cooperate with foreign law firms when conducting court and arbitration proceedings abroad.

We also have experience adjudicating as arbitrators in arbitration courts, such as the Arbitration Court at the Confederation of Leviathan, the Arbitration Court at the Association of Polish Banks, or arbitration courts operating at Chambers of Commerce.

When handling a case, we prepare an estimation of the risks associated with it and, in consultation with the Client, we determine the tactics and litigation strategy.

Guided by the principle of pragmatism, in those cases where it is possible, we prefer negotiations and settling instead of many years of expensive litigation.

Attorneys Anna Pawlikowska and Andrzej Zacharzewski have a broad range of expertise, from intricate business transactions to the daily operational concerns of various companies. Additionally, they’ve built a substantial record in many complex litigation cases. These cases span a wide spectrum, including disputes from CHF loans, currency options, and claims related to intellectual property infringements or construction works. This duo’s experience also shines in pursuing compensation claims, ensuring clients receive their due. Their comprehensive skills are proven in representing clients, effectively navigating them through diverse legal challenges.


Risk assessment – business approach – consulting

For many years, we have been providing ongoing and ad hoc advice to companies of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to corporations, on all matters related to day-to-day operations.

Our clients include banks and financial institutions, service outsourcing centres, manufacturing and commercial enterprises and developers.

We know that running any business or carrying out any project in an unstable legal environment is fraught with risk, so we emphasise analysing it.

We focus on providing our clients with the legal security their businesses need.

We advise handling international trade transactions with third countries outside the EU, including China. In connection with our participation in the AEA International Lawyer’s Network, we use the assistance of foreign law firms that are proven and have been cooperating with us for many years.

We assist foreign entrepreneurs in establishing and conducting business in Poland, which includes services related to immigration regulations.

We place great emphasis on the practical aspect of the solutions we offer.

Attorney Anna Pawlikowska has been providing services to the high-tech and e-commerce industry, among others, and conducting litigation for years

Attorney Ewa Czudek – Grzyb has particular experience in providing services to companies in the banking sector and start-ups.

Attorney Andrzej Zacharzewski mainly advises companies in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), SSC (Shared Services Centers) and banking institutions. He has extensive experience in litigation and also as an arbitrator.


Risk analysis – counselling – representation

The day-to-day service of banks has been our leading specialisation since the beginning. We cooperate continuously with the retail, corporate and compliance divisions of one of the leading banks, in full scope arising from its activities.

We deal with the documentation analysis in connection with assessing creditworthiness and credit risk. We prepare documents required for banking activities. We assist in the establishment of collateral and its enforcement.

We represent banks in court and arbitration proceedings, particularly in disputes over the performance of CHF loans, currency options, bankruptcy proceedings, and many others.

All firm partners have at least a dozen years of experience in legal services for banks and financial institutions.


IT – e-commerce – Start -up’y

For years we have been negotiating and drafting implementation agreementsssssss, outsourcing and cloud agreements (Saas, PaaS, IaaS). We create and analyse license agreements, and conduct PSD2 implementation audits. We provide support at every stage, from concept development through implementation to litigation, including, among others, disputes over the operation and settlement on cryptocurrency exchanges or intellectual property infringement.

We develop regulations for online stores and B2B and B2C platforms.

We have helped many Startups in the IT industry to realise pioneering visions.

We have gained our experience by providing services to the banking and BPO sectors, including with agile implementations. Our leader in this field is Counselor Anna Pawlikowska.


M&A – FDI – Compliance

We advise our clients on complex and knowledge-intensive projects at every implementation stage.

We develop business ventures’ concepts, structures and strategies and assist at the implementation stage.

Our track record includes, among other things, the establishment, transformation and liquidation of companies, a spin-off of organised parts of enterprises for their sale, activities related to the reduction and increase of capital, representation in bankruptcy proceedings, preparation of audits and due diligence of companies, real estate and enterprises, assistance in obtaining permits for activities in special economic zones.

We assist in implementing compliance and internal control programs to ensure that operations comply with the law at both the national and international levels.

We also provide advice on corporate governance and the fulfilment of companies’ obligations under the Polish law, providing comprehensive legal services.

Attorney Andrzej Zacharzewski has led several projects in the field of corporate law, in particular for the banking, engineering and automotive industries and BPO.


Compliance audits – risk analysis – implementation of GDPR

The firm has been dealing with data protection issues for more than 25 years, from co-founding the first private employment agency in Poland to complex projects related to the implementation of GDPR. Therefore, our data protection services are comprehensive and interdisciplinary, and the solutions offered are practical and useful.

We offer our clients audits of the compliance of data processing with the requirements of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/67, risk analyses, preparation of documentation and procedures in connection with the implementation of GDPR, ongoing consulting on data processing, cooperation with IODO.

All partners are high-level experts in data protection.


Handling international trade transactions and cooperation is an important part of our business.

Thanks to our participation in renowned international legal networks, such as AEA International Lawyers Network and Justinian Lawyers, and activities in chambers of commerce and industry, we provide our clients with effective legal solutions not only in the event of disputes with foreign counterparties but also in the establishment of business abroad and the implementation of complex cross-border projects.

We have gained particular experience in the course of our long-standing cooperation with the Chinese Tian Bo Law Firm in Beijing, through which we actively support our clients in the Chinese market, both in the supply of goods and services, establishment of business contacts, investigation and enforcement of receivables, as well as obtaining permits and registration of business in China.

In the PRC, we also provide litigation services and assistance in administrative proceedings.

We also assist clients from abroad in establishing operations in Poland.

Attorney Andrzej Zacharzewski and Attorney Anna Pawlikowska have completed several cross-border projects, such as the sale and rental of e-book readers in China, and the development and delivery of mobile applications in Russia, won an arbitration proceeding in China. Also they have experience in several business cooperation agreements in the food, heating, steel import industry and many others.

Legal counselor Ewa Czudek Grzyb


Legal Adviser. A lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in business legal services. Co-founder of the law firm. Provides legal services to businesses, focusing on the banking sector.

Supervises the work of the Banking and Finance Law Department.

Attn. Ewa Czudek – Grzyb specialises in banking law, financial law, labour law and real estate.

She is involved in drafting and negotiating commercial and civil contracts, including in the area of entrepreneurship, as well as labour law.

She advises corporate clients on the implementation of internal labour law regulations, such as, in particular, labour regulations, remuneration regulations, remote work regulations, and anti-mobbing policies.

She has worked with one of the leading online portals in Poland.

She advised on several projects on commercial companies’ formation, merger, division and transformation processes and corporate issues in limited liability companies and joint stock companies, including those listed on the Polish stock companies.



Ongoing service to Companies

Financial and banking law

Labour law

Real estate

Residential communities



Graduated from the University of Silesia in Katowice with a degree in Law.



AEA International Lawyers Network;

Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Krakow;




Atorney at law Andrzej Zacharzewski


Attorney at Law. Co-founder of the law firm. Provides litigation services to banks and advises corporate clients in international trade.

Supervises the work of the Litigation Department and the International Desk.

Chairman of the Council of the Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Krakow.

Represented clients in arbitration proceedings concerning disputes over the exercise of currency options.

Advised Polish companies in several transactions and in implementing complex and multithreaded cross-border projects, primarily involving Asia.

Oversaw the implementation of RODO in companies in the BPO, IT, and SSC industries.

Was involved in the implementation of, among others:

  • green field investments in Special Economic Zones (automotive industry), as well as advised many foreign investors, mainly from China, Italy, France, Ukraine, the UK and Canada, on projects to enter the Polish market;
  • a cross-border merger in the automotive industry;
  • the establishment of a brokerage house;
  • with a Chinese partner, co-founded a global B2C and B2B platform for matching business partners and acquiring goods and services from China.
  • Membership on the board of directors of a joint stock company established to build a business centre

Advises on day-to-day legal services to companies operating in financial services and banking and outsourcing services.

Was a member of the supervisory board of a joint stock company.

Has adjudicated as an arbitrator in more than a hundred cases involving international business, mainly in the fields of transportation and logistics and payment platforms, including cryptocurrency exchanges.


Arbitrator of arbitration courts:

Court of Conciliation (Arbitration) at the Polish Bank Association, Warsaw

Court of Arbitration at the Lewiatan Confederation, Warsaw,

Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Krakow,



Litigation and arbitration

Banking and finance law

Corporate law

Personal data protection (GDPR)

International Desk



1996-The Academy of American and International Law, organized by the Southwestern Institute for International and Comparative Law, in Plano, Texas, USA.


1996- Bar exam (first place) in Cracow, Poland

1994-Internship within the Office of the Governor of the State of Illinois, Internal Revenue Division, Chicago, Il., USA


School of American and International Law, organised by the American Bar Association and DePaul University College of Law, Chicago, Il, USA


1993 School of European Law, Instituto Universitario Europeo, Florence, Italy.


1991 Master’s degree from the Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland



AEA International Lawyers Network;

Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Krakow;


Honors and awards:

2014 – 1st place in the poll of readers of “Forbes” magazine Professional of the Year in the category “Lawyer” (Małopolska).



“Banks win lawsuits with entrepreneurs over currency options”; Rzeczpospolita, 23.12.2010;

“Abuse of a bank guarantee by its beneficiary,” Banking Law, 2006, notebook 11, p. 37.

“Outplacement”; Agnieszka Flis, Marek Mos, Andrzej Zacharzewski, Krakow, co. 2002 ISBN 83-7287-014-4

“Conversion of civil partnerships into commercial companies – mode and consequences for the bank”, Banking Law, 2001/7-8/53;

“Documentary letter of credit as a practical payment instrument,” Palestra, 1997 41/1-2(469-470), 55-68;

“Advocates (Advocates) General – their role and place in the structure of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg,” Palestra 1994, 3-4/123;


English, Russian, Italian

Legal counselor Anna Pawlikowska


Legal Adviser. Co-founder of the Firm. Has been advising parties on technology contracts for more than a dozen years. Specialises in intellectual property law and new technologies. Provides day-to-day legal services to entrepreneurs.

Graduated with honours from the second-degree master’s program at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University “Intellectual Property and New Technologies” carried out in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO Academy) and the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (219- 2021). Graduate of postgraduate studies in Modern Technology Law at Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw (2015 – 2016).

Supervises the work of the Intellectual Property and E-commerce Department.

Has extensive, long-standing experience in representing entrepreneurs in court and administrative proceedings.


Corporate Services

New technologies law

Litigation and arbitration



Jagiellonian University Faculty of Law and Administration


completed the necessary training and apprenticeship to become a judge in Poland, passing the judicial examination.


Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw – postgraduate studies Law of new technologies


Jagiellonian University – Master’s studies of the second degree at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University “Intellectual Property and New Technologies



AEA International Lawyers Network;

Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Krakow;